Dean Eurich

My area of interest is in clinical epidemiology and natural history of disease and patterns of health service delivery. Within those core areas, I have also been involved in research aimed at the optimal use of evidence based treatments and practice/policy improvement.

Currently, my main focus is on pharmacoepidemiological studies evaluating the impact of drug therapies on morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes. In a secondary area of research, I am actively involved in numerous health outcome research projects in people with community acquired pneumonia.

Given the nature of my research, most of my studies involve the use of advanced biostatistical techniques. This includes the use of time-dependent survival analysis, nested case control designs, propensity scores, and matching techniques. In addition, time-series analyses are also used to model the natural history of disease and patterns of health service delivery and utilization.

I am a member of the Alliance for Canadian Health Outcomes Research in Diabetes (ACHORD) which is a multidisciplinary (i.e. medicine, epidemiology, pharmacy, economics and health policy) and multi-sectorial (i.e. government and academia) collaboration of researchers in diabetes research, in Canada and internationally that aims to establish evidence-based policy relevant research.

Moreover, I am also a member of an international community acquired pneumonia research collaboration where we have combined data from around the world to improve the care and outcomes with people with community acquired pneumonia.


PhD, School of Public Health, University of Alberta, 2007
MSc, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, 2003
BSc (Pharmacy), College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan, 1998


New Investigator, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2009
Incentive Award, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, 2009
Population Health Investigator, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, 2008

Selected Publications

Eurich DT, Marrie TJ, Johnstone J, Majumdar SR. Mortality reduction with influenza vaccine in patients with pneumonia outside flu season: Pleiotropic benefits or residual confounding? Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2008; 178:527-533.

Eurich DT, McAlister FA, Blackburn DF, Majumdar SR, Tsuyuki RT, Varney J, Johnson JA. Benefits and harms of antidiabetic agents in patients with diabetes and heart failure: systematic review. BMJ 2007; 335;497.

Eurich DT, Sadowski CA, Simpson SH, Marrie TJ, Majumdar SR. Recurrent community-acquired pneumonia in patients starting acid suppressing drugs. Am J Med 2010; 123(1): 47-53.

MacDonald MR, Eurich DT, Majumdar SR, Lewsey JD, Bhagra S, Jhund PS, Petrie MC, McMurray JJV, Petrie JR, McAlister FA. Treatment of type 2 diabetes and outcomes in patients with heart failure: A nested case-control study from the United Kingdom General Practice Research Database. Diabetes Care 2010; 33(6): 1213-1218.

Eurich DT, Majumdar SR, McAlister FA, Tsuyuki RT, Yasui Y, Johnson JA. Analyzing composite outcomes in cardiovascular studies: Traditional Cox Proportional Hazards Survival approaches. Open Medicine 2010; 1:e40-48.

Current Projects

Safety and effectiveness of Sitagliptin in relation to other oral antidiabetic agents in patients with type 2 diabetes: A population based analysis
Principal Investigator
funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association Operating Grant

Exploring the disease burden associated with pneumonia
Principal Investigator
funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research Operating Grant

Patients with heart failure and type-2 diabetes treated with placebo or metformin (PHANTOM) study
Principal Investigator
funded by Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Establishment Grant

Dean Eurich

Dean T. Eurich
Associate Professor

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